周圍食 Jan’15:SOUVLA Greek restaurant

It’s a decent Greek restaurant with good ambiance, food is so-so.

My ratings: ❤❤❤
Price range: $$

0115 Souvla 1 0115 Souvla 2Souvla

0115 Dessert bar 1 (Souvla) 0115 Dessert bar 2 (Souvla) 0115 Dessert bar 3 (Souvla) 0115 Dessert bar 4 (Souvla) 0115 Dessert bar 5 (Souvla)

Dessert bar
Desserts were not fresh and were quite mediocre

0115 Cracked wheat salad (Souvla) 0115 Dolmades (Souvla)Salad Bar
Orzo pasta salad
Radicchio & orange salad
Beetroot salad
Cracked wheat salad with pomegranate, tomato & mint
Broccoli salad
Vine wrapped leavers were old, and the filling tasted very acidic

0115 Salad (Souvla)Salad

0115 Main entrée (Souvla)Main entrée

0115 Dessert (Souvla)Dessert

0115 Coffee (Souvla)Coffee

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SOUVLA Greek restaurant
Map 1/F, Ho Lee Comm Bld ,40 D’aguilar Street, Central
2522 1823